"Space-whaling with total badasses on space-bikes chasing after the vicious space-fishies who will spike and claw you to space-shreds if you let up for even a second? Now that’s a proper challenge!"
- James Cunningham, Hardcore Gamer


Our first published title.

Once a decade, the greatest huntsmen in the universe gather to compete in a legendary tournament known as the Blacksea Odyssey. Steeped in blood, ancient treasures, and a madness that wills them to delve deeper into the black abyss, these huntsmen compete for a chance to claim the ultimate glory of facing a creature of such insatiable ferocity and magnanimous size that its wingspan has been said to stretch across galaxies while it’s breath consumes black holes. It is a creature rumored to exist only in legend—the Titan of the Stars!

Blacksea Odyssey is a violent, top-down, rogue-lite, space, shoot ‘em up RPG brimming with colossal creatures and runic technologies. Explore dangerous, interstellar spacescapes as you hunt enormous space-behemoths with a harpoon and rune-infused spears.

Features include:

· Eviscerating enemy creatures by ripping them apart with your harpoon

· Blasting action-packed environments with your spear or harpoon

· Forging millions of runic modifications for your spear and space-board

· Exhilarating combat, massive bosses, and permadeath

· Rogue-like traits that make it reminiscent of classic top-down shooters


About Team Blacksea Odyssey

Blacksea Odyssey, LLC is an American independent game studio based in Orlando, Florida. The team consists of University of Central Florida graduates Peter Milko, Percy Legendre IV, and Sean Pinnock. The studio was founded in 2015 after they graduated from the University of Central Florida where they studied game design and development together. They teamed up at the Global Game Jam 2015 where they first prototyped the concept for Blacksea Odyssey, a multi-directional space shoot ‘em up inspired by the classic arcade game Asteroids and the novel The Old Man and the Sea. The simple prototype received positive feedback from the local community and the team decided to pursue the idea. The team had been working on Blacksea Odyssey full time since May 2015. In October of the same year, they released a free Alpha Demo for Blacksea Odyssey that generated over 6,500 downloads. The following month, they launched a Kickstarter campaign that raised $12,300. The game has since been ported to the PlayStation 4, Xbox 1, and Nintendo Switch.



Twitter: @BlackseaOdyssey