Griff The Winged Lion




Breakerbox Studios

Based in Kansas, United States of America

Release Date: TBD

Platforms: PC, Steam, PS4, XBOX ONE





Play as Griff; a headstrong winged lion from the medieval fantasy world of Autumn Terrace. Beyond 16-bit, Griff features a new level of retro 3D Platforming with PS1 style graphics.



In the medieval kingdom of Autumn Terrace, a young prince named Griff is called upon to participate in a magical tradition. Once each generation, an old mage foresees the destinies of the kingdom's future leaders and bestows them with their sacred roles. When this time comes for Griff, however, his role is mysteriously shrouded from the mage. Griff embarks on an epic, yet unexpectedly hazardous journey through the neighboring realms in search of answers to the riddle of his destiny. With the help of his friends; Gargle (a hilariously over-reactive yet determined little gargoyle), Gavin (a brave griffin), Terra (a unicorn with remarkable powers) and Mia (a phantom cat with a sweet tooth for adventure) the young prince must unearth his true purpose and defend the realms against the treacherous tides which lay before them.



Griff was first conceived in 2013 while I was playing Spyro on the original Playstation (one of my all-time favorite games). I was feeling nostalgic for it the same way I feel nostalgic for many old PC, NES and SNES titles. I knew instantly that I wanted to create a game that looked and played like an original Playstation title. Crash and Spyro were coming up on two decades old and gamers everywhere were still talking about and playing them constantly. If millions of gamers were nostalgic for these games, then it seemed to me a retro 3D revolution would inevitably take place (even if it wasn’t going to be as huge as the 2D pixel revolution).

I began to draw a mascot for my game. Since I was inspired by Crash and Spyro at the time, I decided to base my game mostly on these two. I thought about a Griffin, but didn’t want the protagonist to have a beak, so I drew a winged lion instead.

I wanted him to glide like spyro but stand upright with fur and clothing like Crash. I wanted players to discover mythological realms and creatures and I appropriately named him Griff. I wanted Griff to feel familiar, yet justified. I realized all the mascots I grew up with had unique characteristics, so I gave him eyes and gloves like Sonic the Hedgehog. Then I thought about what this protagonist might collect. I suddenly had the idea of the collectibles being actual parts left behind from having smashed enemies and objects. I gave Griff a pair of golden gloves to shatter his foes and objects into gold pieces. . And that’s how Griff the Winged Lion came to be.


Game Features

-A new level of retro: play in PS1 style plus N64 & Dreamcast styles.

-Glide across chasms, avoid deadly hazards, and earn new abilities.

-10 mythological realms filled with colorful creatures & characters.

-Fun-filled character driven story line with full voiceover dialogue.

-5 playable characters and a variety of challenging mini-games.

-Shatter enemies, objects and scenery into collectible gold pieces.

-Reveal new paths and turn objects into gold for puzzle solving too.

-Take down a slew of challenging beastly foes and insane bosses.

-Purchase special costumes and wings like Pegasus and Phoenix.







Breakerbox is an indie studio with several close friends working together. We've worked on titles for Steam, GooglePlay, The Apple App Store, Amazon App Store and Big Fish Games. We love traditional and Computer animation (especially traditional) and desire to eventually work our way into animated film.



Nick - Executive Producer, Publisher

Jake - Designer, Director, Lead Artist

Tera -Co-designer, Artist, QA Lead

Kelly - Programmer, Tools Developer

Branden - QA/Controls consultant

Nishad- Music composer

Kyle - Music composer, Sound Engineer

Alessandro - 2D/3D Artist


Voice Talent

Steven Kelly- Known for titles like Dragon Age Inquisition, Apotheon, Final Fantasy XV anime and Dust: An Elysian Tail, Steven brings a true expressivity and naturalism to his compelling character portrayals.

Griffin Puatu- Has voiced in animes such as One Punch Man, Hunter X Hunter and Charlotte. Griffin has a distinct yet diverse style that never fails to impress.

Aimee Smith- Best Known for Planet Explorers, Freedom Planet on Wii-U and Excape from Puzzlegate, Aimee brings fun liveliness and believability to her characters.

Brittany Lauda- Well known for playing Osana in Yandere Simulator and other portrayals in Pokemon X/Y and My Little Pony App, Brittany has a rich authenticity and adds a special touch to colorful projects.