A 64-bit revival.

In the medieval kingdom of Autumn Terrace, a young prince named Griff is called upon to participate in a magical tradition. Once each generation, an old mage foresees the destinies of the kingdom's future leaders and bestows them with their sacred roles. When this time comes for Griff, however, his role is mysteriously shrouded from the mage. Griff embarks on an epic, yet unexpectedly hazardous, journey through the neighboring realms in search of answers to the riddle of his destiny. With the help of his friends Gargle, a hilariously over-reactive yet determined little gargoyle, Gavin, a brave griffin, Terra a unicorn with remarkable powers, and Mia, a phantom cat with a sweet tooth for adventure, the young prince must unearth his true purpose and defend the realms against the treacherous tides which lay before him.

Play as Griff—a headstrong winged lion from the medieval fantasy world of Autumn Terrace. Beyond being a 16-bit adventure game, Griff features a new level of retro 3D platforming coupled with PlayStation 1 style graphics.


Coming soon.

Features include:

· Retro-style gameplay reminiscent of the PlayStation 1, N64, Dreamcast

· Gliding across chasms and avoiding deadly hazards

· Earning new abilities to defeat challenging foes

· Ten mythological realms filled with colorful creatures

· Five playable characters and a variety of challenging mini-games

· Riveting character-driven story line with full voiceover dialogue

· Shattering enemies, objects, and scenery into collectible gold pieces

· Redeemable costumes


About Breakerbox Studios

Breakerbox is an indie studio composed of several programmers, artists, consultants, and music composers, including, Jake (the project lead and primary programmer), Tera, Kelly, Branden, Kyle, and Alessandro. Since its conception, the team has worked on a few titles for Steam, GooglePlay, Apple's App Store, Amazon's App Store, and Big Fish Games. The Breakerbox team members have worked on projects, such as Griff, which highlight their love for traditional animation. In fact, Griff was first conceived in 2013 while Jake was playing Spyro, one of his favorite games, on the original Playstation. After feeling nostalgic for a similar style game, Jake decided to initiate the creation of a game which would share a similar play style as Spyro and Crash Bandicoot. He imagined a world in which players could discover mythical realms and creatures through the eyes of his quirky protagonist, Griff, so Jake designed Griff to have wings to soar through each world and gloves, similar to Sonic the Hedgehog, to smash through objects and destroy enemies, grabbing various collectables in the process. Griff is currently in development for PC, Steam, Xbox One, and PS4.



Twitter: @BreakerboxJake