90% of what is considered ‘impossible’ is, in fact, possible. The other 10% will become possible with the passage of time & technology.”

Hideo Kojima  |  Video Game Designer



With the amount of resources needed to execute a project such as the creation of a video game, it is imperative to have a publisher with industry knowledge, financial support, and drive. Spiral Summit Games began as a dream to see more independent games have the opportunity to be published. After launching in 2016, it immediately partnered with Team Blacksea Odyssey to assist in the promotion of its rogue-lite RPG, Blacksea Odyssey. While the independent title had already been available on Steam, Team Blacksea Odyssey was determined to port it to consoles to amass additional players. After months of marketing via Twitch streams and a PAX South booth, the game released in 2017 to the Xbox One.

Since its inception, Spiral Summit Games has partnered with two more teams, Breakerbox Studios and CyberDream, managing the marketing and publication for their games, Griff the Winged Lion and Virtual Battlegrounds, respectively. Both games are still in development but will be coming soon to major distribution channels.

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Our mission and goals

Spiral Summit Games aims at promoting creativity through our many strategic marketing methods, while simultaneously acting as a support system to our partnered developers as they work diligently to complete their projects. With our acquired marketspace knowledge, we strive to increase visibility to independent games.

As a publisher, we take on a variety of responsibilities so that our talented content creators can focus on developing. One of our main objectives is to encourage creative freedom and offer advice when solicited. Once the game is fully developed, Spiral Summit Games will begin to bridge the gap between the content creators and the players by initiating a major marketing push, investing in banner advertisements, Twitch streams, and PAX booths to name a few.

Moreover, we will handle all costs and duties associated with bringing the game to the marketplace and will even localize it so that the game can be enjoyed by people all over the world. Finally, we will assist in securing ratings to be compliant with ESRB, PEGI, PCPB and more.

Ultimately, Spiral Summit Games will streamline the tedious marketing and publishing processes, provide financial and moral support, and deliver a product to all major distribution channels that our developers can be proud of and that the consumers will enjoy.




Pride. Passion. Purpose.

Contact us with any business-related ideas so that we can assist in bringing your passion project to life.